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Our specialist teams in Shanghai and Beijing provide expertise across all key customer acquisition channels for the Web and for Mobile, spanning Baidu, WeChat, Sina Weibo and Mobile.

We advocate a centrally managed approach, managing channels in tandem, online and offline, for optimal returns.


Effective SEO can provide a shop-window to a huge potential audience in China, with over 600 million Internet users. Baidu continues to dominate the landscape, and success in organic search will depend on content, and link strategy.

We provide strategic direction and implementation services for SEO strategy in China.

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We approach Paid search on Baidu as the science that it is, using PPC experts based in Shanghai and Beijing, to define and execute campaigns based on local analytical insight and commercial understanding.

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In China, the top e-commerce sites control over 90% of total sales, nationally. For many brands and retailers, establishing a shop-front in Tmall, JD or 36o is the fastest and most effective route to establishing online sales in China.

Regroup China provides dedicated services to help Western brands establish a presence in Marketplace in China.

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Social Media

Our Social team provides reach and acquisition expertise across key Social channels; WeChat and Weibo with a firm focus on defining measurable KPIs at the onset of any new campaign, so that success is quantifiable.

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Over 80% of web usage is now on Mobile in China. Our Mobile team has in-depth experience
of working across all leading platforms in China.
We provide a complete strategy to delivery
service which encompasses positioning,
design, build and tracking.

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