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We provide a complete end to end digital-execution service for Western-brands wishing to define strategy for China through to market implementation.

We manage the Client relationship here in the UK, to ensure strategy, planning and projection is set out at the onset. We use local teams based in Shanghai and Beijing to oversee campaign implementation.

We believe that China represents the single biggest growth opportunity for Western Brands, and Retailers. With an Internet population of over 600 million, and an increasing awareness and appetite for Western products, this is clearly a unique market opportunity.


Regroup China is able to help at every stage – strategy definition, budgeting, projections, an execution.

Key service areas include:-

– Market Sizing – Using our teams based locally, we can estimate market size, and strength or weakness of competition, using local data insights, to map key opportunities.

– Strategy Definition – We work closely with our Clients to define market-entry, and mid to long term growth plans.

– Establishing a Web presence in China – We are able to design and build your web, and Social presence for China.

– Content – Using local copy writers, we can draft Web copy, Social Media content, and SEO copywriting.

– Customer Acquisition – We are able to oversee key acquisition activities spanning SEO, PPC, and Social Media activation.

– Marketplace- Selecting the right channels, and defining a plan of action for Marketplace in China is key to establishing a sales channel. We are able to direct and oversee strategy in this domain to reach your market quickly.

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