WeChat is a digital Eco-System
with over 1 Billion users

Get engaged on WeChat to
reach the World’s largest market

Why is WeChat key?

With over 1 billion users, WeChat is an essential channel for reaching a Chinese audience, both in mainland China and overseas.

We work closely with WeChat, managing content and advertising strategies for leading European brands, and developing ground-breaking functionality within WeChat.

The WeChat “eco-system” combines messaging, calls, social media, e-commerce, payments, bookings, video and more.

We provide:

WeChat Account Set-up

We make it easy for you to get a WeChat Official Account for your business or brand, with the minimum of fuss. Regroup can set up, design and populate your new account, ready for posting.

Content Management

We will present a monthly content plan in your preferred language. Once approved, our team in China will localise, post, and promote it.

WeChat Advertising

We set up your WeChat Ads account, and create and manage the ads for you, to grow your brand and sales.


Since WeChat unveiled Mini-programs in 2017, we’ve been building high-performing in-app stores, informational pages and booking engines, for our clients.

Full reporting

Monthly performance reports for your official account, posts, ads and mini-programs.

If you are interested in engaging with China, we would be happy to provide a free consultation. Please fill out the form below, hit “Send Message” and we will be in touch right away.


    Why WeChat Mini Programs can be key for UK brands wishing to test the market in China

    As anyone who has visited China recently will know, WeChat is enormous, with over 1- billion users, it is the largest App in the Country.

    WeChat is best described as an ‘eco-system’ rather than as traditional social media or a ‘WhatsApp of China’, as the BBC recently described it. Describing WeChat as an eco-system captures the fact that it is all things in daily life in China.

    It is Tencent’s (WeChat’s owners) vision for Chinese nationals to use WeChat throughout their day; using it for calls, messaging, playing games, paying bills, buying products, hiring taxis and posting their social media.

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