WeChat Set-up

WeChat Set-up

We provide a dedicated WeChat verified set-up service, using your local Business certificate, this process has never been easier.

Our team in China will oversee the WeChat account verification, design and content population.

We manage content, typically posting 4-8 times per month for our Clients. These posts are more like blog posts than Tweets, making WeChat the perfect vehicle to explore the back-story of your brand.

We help every step of the way

If you are interested in engaging with China, we would be happy to provide a free consultation.
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    Why WeChat Mini Programs can be key for UK brands wishing to test the market in China

    As anyone who has visited China recently will know, WeChat is enormous, with over 1- billion users, it is the largest App in the Country.

    WeChat is best described as an ‘eco-system’ rather than as traditional social media or a ‘WhatsApp of China’, as the BBC recently described it. Describing WeChat as an eco-system captures the fact that it is all things in daily life in China.

    It is Tencent’s (WeChat’s owners) vision for Chinese nationals to use WeChat throughout their day; using it for calls, messaging, playing games, paying bills, buying products, hiring taxis and posting their social media.

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