Helping UK Universities and Colleges
reach Chinese Students

Helping UK Universities and Colleges reach Chinese Students.

COVID- 19 has presented us all with many challenges, but also perhaps allowed for an opportunity to forward plan. As the China market returns to some sort of ‘normal’, we are helping UK Universities, Colleges and educational Institutions define and action an online marketing strategy to fully engage with their Chinese market.

Key touchpoints we might help with?

1. Setting Up a Chinese web site

We can tell you all you need to know to fully engage with the World’s no. 1 market via a localised web site for China.We can advise on the 6 Golden rules to setting up a successful China web presence:
– Setting targets for traffic/ engagement
– Localising content for your China market
– Making content social/ engaging
– Localising page design, to fully engage with your Chinese audience
– Optimising the site for Baidu search, to reach the wider audience in China
– Ensuring the site loads in under 3-seconds in mainland China

2. China Social media – WeChat, Tik Tok, Weibo Management

We define strategy, and manage content and advertising across all key social channels in China including WeChat, Tik Tok (Douyin) and Weibo.

3. WeChat Mini Programs

We are also involved in helping our Clients understand and use WeChat mini programs, to establish transactional facilities via WeChat, to monetise WeChat.

4. Online Education Delivery

We are also able to advise, oversee and implement possible educational platforms using Zoom style integration for online training delivery, and curriculum delivery for a Chinese end-audience.

We would be happy to demonstrate platforms that we have built for our clients during COVID.

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